Pear Tree With Partridge Mirror

18 x 46
also #1081 PLUM BLOSSOM WITH FINCHES 18 X 46" #1083 CAT O' NINE TAIL WITH RED WINDGED BLACK BIRD 18 X 46" Years ago I bought three carved architectural medallions that had come from a magnificent inlayed ceiling of an ancient Chinese temple. PLUM BLOSSOMS WITH FINCHES,PEAR TREE WITH PARTRIDGE,CAT O” NINE TAIL WITH RED WINGED BLACK BIRDS they are my treasures. This show I decided to frame them into a bamboo format. They are great as a triple multi screen or in pairs or as single art pieces. The background is celadon over gold leaf peaking through, the bamboo frame and the charming bird medallions are in gold leaf. Use them all together over a buffet in a dining room, or as a pair between windows, or over a sofa, or above a chest or over a lavatory sink. They are exquisitely modeled and designed, each one different but related to the other. Imagine the ceiling that must have framed them. Now they can be enjoyed once again but at a closer view to more easily see the beauty and imagination that created them.